"I recently needed two of my own ceramic crowns replaced and chose LK Dental Studio for the case. They took the time to go through the latest options for materials with a broad understanding of what works in different situations. I was able to interact with the lab to define optimum esthetics and functional requirements. The shade matches and fit were right on the money and the occlusion was dialed in just the way I wanted. I would not hesitate to use LK Dental Studio any time for my patients, myself or my family."


"Today's dental patients are more demanding than ever before. It is not just enough to do high quality functional dentistry, it has to look amazing as well. For most of my career I have trusted people like Laura Kelly and her talented team at LK Dental Studio to make me look good in the eyes of my patients. Without their exceptional technical and artistic skills, doing comprehensive aesthetic cases would be very frustrating. Thanks to LK Dental Studio, I can look forward to the insertion appointment knowing I will come out looking like a hero!"

Christopher Pescatore, D.M.D.
Danville, California

"Having the right technician, being able to be on the ‘same page' is so important to my practice. Rocksand plays an integral role on my team, and for over 8 years, case after case I can rely on her to provide high attention to detail with predictable esthetics and functional results. Working with Rocksand has given me peace of mind -knowing that even the most challenging cases will be a pleasure to seat."

Ken Hamlett D.D.S
Dallas, Texas